Leftovers and goals

I had class tonight from 6-9 so was unable to cook anything. Instead, I enjoyed my leftover scampi while watching the end of ‘Australia’ with my roommate. There were requests for pictures from my dinner last night, so here they are!

Whole wheat pasta

The scampi (sorry for the dark picture!)

Tada! My first shrimp scampi

I got a new camera for Christmas and am still playing with/figuring out how to use it and the flashes. The scampi was really good as a leftover, but I still think it could’ve used a bit more seasoning. I think my tongue might be a bit immune to anything that’s not SUPER spicy. I think next time I’ll try adding some white wine to it.

This blog is not only dedicated to showcasing my cooking and baking skills, but will also describe my adventures in eating! The inspiration for this blog was from watching ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ non-stop and wanting to check out all the spots Guy went to and writing about and describing my experience. My goal for the next few months is going to all the places Guy mentions in his show. The Triple Ds are:

  • Southern Kitchen in Tacoma
  • Slim’s Last Chance on 1st Ave S
  • Voula’s Offshore Cafe in Seattle (I live less than 2 miles from it.. I can’t believe I haven’t gone yet)
  • Bizarro’s Italian Cafe (Also 2 miles from this one, but have plans on visiting it this month!)
  • Big Star Diner  on Bainbridge Island
  • Mike’s Chili Cafe in Ballard
  • Georgia’s Greek in Seattle
  • Pam’s Trinidadian Caribbean Kitchen on the Ave
  • Bobby’s Hawaiian Style Restaurant in West Everett

It’ll probably take me awhile to get to the ones outside of Seattle, but I’m up for the challenge! I also want to hit the restaurants mentioned on other food shows such as ‘Man vs Food’ and definitely Serious Pie which Tyler Florence talked about their Mushroom pizza on ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate.’ Should be some good eats!

While I finish up watching Colbert and start heading to bed, I have the question of the day: After chopping fresh garlic last night, I noticed my fingers smelled like garlic all day. Anyone have a cure on how to make them not smell? I think I heard lemon juice works, but I didn’t think about that till today, after I realized I smelled like an Italian metro.



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2 responses to “Leftovers and goals

  1. I would like to point out I live within walking distance of Georgia’s Greek Deli & LOVE their food so if you want a dinner date you should holler at me!

  2. Crystal

    The scampi looks yummers! To get rid of the “Italian Metro” smell, wash your hands and then rub them on stainless steel (i.e. pot or spoon). It sounds weird, but it works!

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