More garlic and Ace of Cakes

I told myself tonight I would not have garlic. After three nights in a row of eating dinner with a strong garlic taste, I thought tonight at happy hour at Contour I would have tomato basil soup or their gruyere mac n’ cheese. I ended up having an all morning love affair with the chocolate jar in my office, so I figured I’d go for a lighter fare. Falafel and pita “sandwich” it was! It came with fries and tzatziki, and my love of dipping anything into sauce, was a bit overzealous with the tzatziki. The garlic filled tzatziki. It was so delicious though, I couldn’t stop. I went for a 4 mile run afterwards (not a good idea, got the worst stomach cramp) in hopes of sweating out any garlic in my system. Oh well, at least my heart will be in good condition! Contour was pretty good and I’d definitely love to go there again and try some other little dishes. It’s a great happy hour place for anyone near downtown Seattle!

I’m watching ‘Ace of Cakes’ right now. They’re making a penguin cake and a bobble head cake. I’m always amazed by how pretty their cakes are, but it’s still hard for me to believe that they’re tasty! And how much cake can really be in some of those creations? I’ve decided if someone really loves me, they’d take me to Baltimore and get me an ‘Ace of Cake’ cake since they don’t deliver out here! And would you eat the fondant? After seeing all that goes on with the fondant, I might pass! Question of the day – What would you want the ‘Ace of Cake’ team to make you?

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