Greek yogurt and Chopped

I’m not quite sure where the Greek yogurt craze came from, but I love it. After spending a semester in Paris and eating their delicious plain yogurt with jam, the sweetened, fruity yogurt in America has never been the same! The closest thing I could come up with was Activia’s plain yogurt, but I think they discontinued that. If I could only find Greek yogurt for cheap….

I’m watching ‘Chopped’ on Food Network. I don’t think I could ever go on a cook-off competition show. I’m incapable of trying to figure out how to cook meat! Especially seafood. One of their key foods with striped sea bass. What’s one supposed to do with that!?! Perhaps make it en papillote. If I were sure how to cook something en papillote… But this is what this blog is for, right? Proclaiming my love for food, and my adventures in experimenting on the way. I want to learn how to cook seafood.  Maybe that’ll be my next goal.

I stumbled upon this article in the Seattle Times today: ’10 worst food trends of the past decade’

I must agree with the $40 entree point, but that’s mainly because I can’t afford it. But I am intrigued by fried onion blossoms

Not gonna lie.. This looks pretty tasty

I know it’s not the best thing out there for you, but I mean really, who doesn’t love fried veggies in ranch or ketchup? Apparently a “non-greasy, sweaty onion included” one doesn’t exist. Maybe I’ll do some experimenting soon and try it with tempura batter. Ahi tuna and fried onions anyone??? … alright maybe not, maybe some halibut instead. It’ll be like fish and chips! …ish…

I also have never been a to a restaurant with communal seating (minus Les Trois Freres in Paris, but that’s another story) and I think it could possibly be amusing. Grab some single girl friends and hope for the best! “Excuse me, is this bench taken? My friends and I would like to eat our very garlicky pasta next to you and your gentlemen friends, altoid?” Which brings me to a question of the day – Worst first date food?

PS – Please keep my friend Brenna in your thoughts and prayers. She’s down in Haiti on a mission trip and they just experienced a 7.0 earthquake today. She’s safe, but I’m sure it’s crazy down there. Thank you!


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One response to “Greek yogurt and Chopped

  1. jz

    Omg the blooming onion is one of the tastiest things ever. lets go to outback steak house

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