Stomach ache and victory

In the words of Adam Richman “In the battle against food, man wins!” Well, something along those lines. But yes! I did the Wing Dome 777 challenge and came out successful! It wasn’t that bad at the beginning, but the rule stating that I wasn’t allowed to touch my face is what brought me down. One never really thinks about it, but when you have hot spicy mess sitting on your face for seven minutes, it starts to burn. BADLY. I didn’t think I could make it, but thanks to my roommate Kelly, I was able to push through!! Here are some pictures showing the madness.

The waiver I had to sign that started the rules. And also let me know I was a gluttouness idiot which they envied.

After I had signed my life away….

Starting on the second wing... Check out the redness and how thick that sauce is laid on

Yes, I do realize this is an extremely attractive picture of me… But hey, gotta get 7 wings down in 7 minutes!!!

Starting to hit a wall....

With about 2 minutes left, I started to slow down. My skin was burning from the sauce and I was starting to shake… And it looked like there was so much meat left! But then Kelly, Jesse and Chris started cheering me on and telling me I could do it!

Last bites!

Almost there!!!!


I literally finished with 3 seconds to go.

Cooling off...

My "I survived" shirt!

Sorry for the bad quality picture, my blackberry doesn’t take good ones… But look how happy I am!

After it was all done with, my face felt like it was on fire and I was shaking. I went outside where it was cold with some ice and tried to cool my body off. I thoroughly enjoyed my much earned ice cream sandwich and tried to cool my face off with it and my cup of ice. It was a good challenge for sure. I was watching FSC (Fox Soccer Channel) and tried to take my mind off of it. The wings definitely could’ve been spicier, but I’m glad they weren’t for the fact that it burned on my face. The area around the mouth was completely swollen afterwards, and even 2 hours later my lips are still a bit swollen. I’ve had spicier food, but the difference is – I could stop eating, or at least drink some water during the meal. As much fun as that was, I don’t know if I’d put myself through that again. Alright, let’s be honest, we all know I’m going to forget this pain and try another spicy challenge again! But for now, I’m going to go lay down and hope my stomach stops hurting…

Question of the day – Spiciest dish you’ve ever had?



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6 responses to “Stomach ache and victory

  1. I am so proud of you… way to beat the wings! I think the spiciest food I have ever had was some kind of curry thing I couldn’t identify in California.

  2. Crystal

    Awesome! Every Korean would be so proud of this! 🙂 Hmmm most spicy dish??? Blue crab salad at Thai Patio…they added fresh serrano and thai chilies. It was lovely. Congrats on winning the challenge!!

  3. Tanya

    Yay! Perhaps you should have an eating competition against Eric…he’s always looking for a competitor and I think you have potential to beat him.

    Spiciest dish? Hmm…probably my mom or aunt’s Thai curry which isn’t really hot compared to most things you eat. Although I look Thai, my tougue is pretty American.

  4. eric eng

    BOOYA!!! i’ve always wanted to take the challenge but haven’t gotten around to it. i love to do things that people say “can’t be done”. I’m very proud of you!! i knew you’d be able to grow up and accomplish grand things in your life. keep it goin!!!

  5. eric eng

    PSSSSHHHHH!!!! tanya you know gina lee has no chance at beating me in any eating competition! i appreciate your attempt to make your lil sis feel good with some praise, but I am the eating champion. cannot be beaten. however gina, if you feel the need we could always bring it to beth’s cafe. i hear the 12 egg omlette is awesome this time of year!!!

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