Long weekend and chicken

It was really hard for me to get up today. I love long weekends, but it’s so hard to get back to reality after! I was going to go grocery shopping after class today, but considering I almost fell asleep during class, I’m pushing it back till tomorrow. I’m retrying my detox, so all plain and naturals foods for me again! After being sick last Wednesday, I caved and had a bowl of Korean ramyun with an egg dropped in it. My favorite comfort food! For dinner tonight I cooked some brown rice. Its the first time I ever cooked brown rice in a cooker, and definitely learned it needs more water than the package tells me! I love my soft sticky rice, not al dente style. I cooked a chicken breast in some olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. I also threw in some broccoli and green onions. I’m definitely learning to use salt more! It did make the meal tastier than the last time I made chicken breast. It turned out pretty good, so I’m happy!

I’m watching “Chopped” right now. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration for a meal soon! I have plans of eating tilapia while I’m on the detox. Anyone have any ideas of how to cook it? That, is my question of the day.


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2 responses to “Long weekend and chicken

  1. Tanya

    Have you ever had tilapia from Ranch 99? It’s so good but it’s fried so it’s not the healthiest thing in the world. It’s something Eric and I eat when we’re feeling poor because it’s pretty cheap, especially since they fry it for you when you order it.
    I like to buy the frozen tilapia and cook it on the stove. You don’t need much to make it taste good, just salt, pepper and a little oil. Even though it’s frozen, you wouldn’t guess that it was ever frozen once you taste it.

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