‘Worst Cooks’ and a long day

Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” is on right now. They’re attempting to make ravioli. I’ve always wanted to make homemade ravioli, that’s also on my “List of things to make.” I think a ricotta and mushroom ravioli sounds good? Maybe with some meat sauce? Or switch the meat and mushrooms? Either way, I really need to work on making it! I had a pretty busy weekend with lots of delicious food involved.

Friday night I went and saw “Xanadu” with some friends at the Paramount theater. (I recommend you go watch this! It’s hilarious) We went to Capitol Club on Capital Hill before hand and enjoyed their happy hour. I had the hummus platter (boring, I know, but I was still trying to work on the detox thing) but I definitely ate a few of their shoe string fries which were delicious and cripsy. My friend ordered the sauteed garlic mushrooms, which sadly, weren’t that good. They were cooked into way too much wine which overpowered the taste of the mushrooms. I lied, you couldn’t even taste the mushrooms. Glad I didn’t go with that dish!

Saturday morning after my run and before I baby sat, I met a friend for brunch at Toulouse Petit, the new New Orleans style restaurant in Lower Queen Anne right next door to Pesos. Both are owned by Brian Hutmacher and the chef is Eric Donnelly who I used to work with at the Oceanaire! Sadly though, I just realized this as I looked up this article in the Seattle Times. My friend’s friend works there so we visited him for lunch. Mori (the friend who works there) suggested we have the pork cheeks with eggs (breakfast item) and the muffaletta (lunch item). Since I’m not a huge fan of pork, I made Anthony order the pork cheeks (though he wanted the muffaletta) and I got the delicious “pizza in a sandwich.” I’m really glad I ordered the muffaletta as I wasn’t a huge fan of the pork cheeks, it just tasted like… over cooked pork. Anthony loved it, but it’s not my style. The muffaletta was so good though – I can’t even describe it. And since I’m still a “foodie in training”… I can’t even tell  you what was on it. I’m terrible, I know. It was cheesy, tomato-y, meaty goodness! It was my first experience with food from NOLA and I can’t wait for more!

This morning my marketing group and I went down to Tacoma to meet with our marketing project, Hello, Cupcake in Tacoma. We talked social marketing strategies with the owner, and then after, ordered cupcakes! I got a carrot cupcake after my usual debate between carrot and coconut (carrot always wins, I don’t think I’ve ever had a coconut cupcake..) It was really good, the frosting was the perfect cream cheesy-ness and the cupcake was good as well. I think Cupcake Royale still has my vote though. One of the girls got a cupcake with chocolate frosting, but took off part of the frosting. I was intrigued by the frosting and tried it. It was WAY too rich for me. I’m a fan of chocolate frosting, but this was just too much. There’s no way I could’ve eaten a cupcake topped with this. It was almost like melted dark chocolate that had hardened just a teeny weeny bit on the outside. I can’t really describe it besides saying it was too rich for my taste. It really is a cute store though and if you’re in downtown Tacoma, check it out! It’s right across the street from the Tacoma Art Museum next to UW Tacoma on Pacific Ave.

Question of the day – Best New Orleans style food you’ve ever had NOT in NOLA?


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