Psych and… no time for dinner

I went to a Young Adults group for my church tonight and didn’t have time to make dinner, minus a wrap with some veggies. I had a Flatout healthy grain wrap with avocado, grape tomatoes, lettuce and a red bell pepper. I also put mustard seed on there. I was reading MSN today and came across this article: I got healthy for my family. As I’m planning for Australia, I can’t help but take some extra precautions before I spend two weeks in a swimsuit on the beach! So now I’m going to try and integrate avocados back in my life! They are one of my top ten foods. Tomorrow night though, I’m going to make Martha Stewart’s chicken with tomatoes and mushrooms.. aka chicken cacciatore. Pretty excited! I’m hoping it turns out well.

I know I’ve been really bad at blogging lately, I need to get back into it! Find the passion again. But for now, I’m watching ‘Psych’ on USA. I don’t know why, but I find John Cena really cute… Not as cute as Shawn Spencer!

Question of the day: Favorite place to grab a burger?


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