Daily Show and chicken cacciatore

Ok, so I’m not actually eating the chicken cacciatore and watching the ‘Daily Show’, that’d be a bit too late for me to eat. I attempted to follow Martha Stewart’s chicken with tomatoes and mushrooms, and not gonna lie; mine looked NOTHING like her picture.

Martha's chicken cacciatore from her website

And this was my final product:

Mine looked nothing like that...

I also apologize for the steamy picture.. The food was really hot, I was really hungry and impatient…..

But i was so confused! Martha’s picture makes the cacciatore look like a really thick tomato soup, and mine came out like some sauteed veggies in tomato juice. There’s no way I could’ve eaten it with a slice of thick bread like her website recommends. It probably also didn’t help that I didn’t use four chicken breasts. I actually only used two, if that. I thought I could save some money by buying chicken breast still attached to the bones, which according to the package was over the recommended 1.5 lbs. I learned something tonight though – deboning chicken? Not the easiest thing in the world. I probably left too much meat on the bones, but I saved them and have hopes of making a soup out of it! And I probably only had half a pound of chicken in the cacciatore since most of the weight was the bones… and the chicken left on them. Still though, it turned out pretty good. I thought it would turn out bland, but I’m slowly learning how to salt things for more flavor! And I even left the spice out of this one! So question of the day – anyone know what I did wrong to make my cacciatore not a “thick, rustic soup”?


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