Good food and… More good food

Last night two of my friends came over and we did dinner. Usually my friend Stacy cooks an amazing meal of some sorts, last time it was pasta I believe, and there’s a lot of wine drinking, desserts, and our favorite (besides the wine) appetizers. Every  time we do dinner, we always over-indulge on appetizers and then stuff ourselves even more with dinner and dessert. This time, we decided to do just appetizers. Leslie brought over Trader Joe’s pita chips, hummus and two-buck Chuck (no offense Chuck, but I think I’ll stick with my Yellow Tail), which we snacked on while Stacy made made our “main course.” She cut up a baguette and toasted it in the oven, chopped up an apple (I think it was Granny Smith) and mixed it with blue cheese from a wedge she had cut up. She took the bread out of the oven, put the apple and blue cheese mixture on the bread, and stuck it back in the oven for about 5 minutes. After taking it out of the oven, we put it on a plate and drizzled honey on it. It was BOMB. The blue cheese and the apple made a great salty and crunchy combination, while the honey added a sweet, savory taste. It was so good, the three of us ate it all. We had to wait about 20 minutes (which wasn’t really a problem since we were catching up on life stories) before I stuck my s’mores in the oven. I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving s’mores and had heard some where that you can “toast” them in the oven on broil. It worked pretty well, minus the fact that only the top portion of the marshmallow toasted as well as the top, uncovered part of the graham cracker. But the inside of the marshmallow was gooey and even though the chocolate didn’t look melted, it definitely was. Perfect meal to get you halfway through the week!!

Sunday I’m going to a Super Bowl party called “Dip-a-pa-looza.” I need to come up with a dip to bring to the party! My broker told me this one was a “winner”: can of chili without the beans, block of cream cheese, salsa at any spice cooked on a stove top. That’s what I’ve got so far as I don’t really have time/funds to do anything fancy like spinach artichoke or 7-layer dip! Any suggestions from the readers out there? Question of the day – Your Super Bowl plans?


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