All I did was eat

That pretty much sums up Friday evening to last night. I started off the weekend at 2 Bells Bar & Grill in Belltown. It’s on 4th between Bell and Battery and they’re known for their burgers. I ordered the Basic burger with potato salad. It was definitely unlike any burger I’ve had before. Instead of being a flat patty on a bun or roll, it came out as an oval, probably 1.5-2″ high “patty” on a sliced baguette. I really should’ve taken a picture of it, but I was too busy chatting with my friends! The burger was greasy, but it was almost a different type of grease than normal burgers. It didn’t feel as oily and fatty as a normal burger. Since it was so tall, it was really difficult to eat and I ended up only eating the bottom half of the baguette and lettuce as the “top.” One of my friends just cut through the burger and then would eat pieces of bread. The burger was pretty small too, but that was probably good as we spent the rest of the night out in Bell town dancing away.  It’s definitely a divey place, but I’d go back there again. Pretty chill, unless they turn the music up and you’re reduced to shouting over it to talk to you friends.

Saturday night I experienced my first taco truck in Fremont  – Flair Taco
. Now, I’m sure most of you know what a taco truck is, but by the off chance you don’t… Taco trucks can be found near nightlife areas and sell cheap and fast food out of a little trailer type thing.

This is the taco truck found in Fremont

They’re perfect after a night out when you’re hungry after a night at the bars, but a cream cheese hot dog (probably my favorite post-bar/dancing meal) seems to heavy! I ordered myself one of their tacos.

My after drinking snack

It was pretty light and tasted really fresh. It was delicious (though maybe that’s the 3 glasses of beer talking) and light. A bit too light though. I definitely ended up attacking the frozen pretzels and jalapeno cheese my friend brought over when we got home.. But that’s another story.

Sunday morning, after I got up for a quick run, I went to my friend Brenna’s house to help her make brunch for some people from her church. She made a wide spread which included waffles, bagels, potatoes and onions, bacon, sausage patties, biscuits, eggs, muffins and the best part of brunch? The overnight french toast she made. I believe she got the recipe off of The Pioneer Woman. Here’s a link the the muffins – or “French Breakfast puffs.” I thought they’d be heavy and corn mealy, but they were actually really light and sweet. And coated with cinnamon sugar? Heaven.

After stuffing myself with breakfast, I headed to “Dip-a-palooza VI” to watch the Saints win their first Superbowl! So I made the dip my broker told me about it and named it “Broker’s Delight.” I wasn’t sure what the end product would be, but surprisingly – it was good and spicy! It sort of tasted like nachos, all in one dip. I should’ve taken a picture, but not gonna lie, it didn’t look very pretty, I’m going to assume that’s why it didn’t win. The winning dip was a jalapeno popper dip. It was delicious. I’m pretty sure I consumed more cream cheese based products yesterday than I do in a normal year. Second place went to a dessert dip, a sort of caramel dip with toffee and granny smith apples. It was bomb. Needless to say, I overate, but it was so worth it. Now it’s onto a week of “lighter” eating. I made avgolemono soup tonight. But more about that tomorrow! I need to go to bed and finish this latest Dan Brown book. It’s ridiculous, but I have a problem with putting a book down unless I know how it’s going to end….

*Taco truck credit to:
*Flair Taco credit to: 2008/11/page/2/


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