Subway tastes like cardboard

Ok, maybe not all Subway sandwiches, maybe just the ones I eat. Has anyone else noticed that though? If the bread isn’t fresh out of the oven and not eaten within 15 minutes, I’ve noticed my sandwiches start to have the consistency of a cardboard box, and tastes like what I can only imagine cardboard would taste like. The consistency is chewy and tough and the only thing that keeps me eating it are all those “fresh” veggies. Not gonna lie, I’ll keep going back. Something about “$5 footlongs” and me being a poor college grad will keep me going back for a “healthy” meal.

I found this webpage for Julia Child’s beef bourguignon. Maybe I’ll attempt to make it this weekend? It’ll keep me fed for a week! I wonder how much beef chuck costs.. Ideas anyone? I’m going to my friend’s this Friday and I want to bring a snack/appetizer. Now that Lent’s started though, I have to be quite picky-choosey of what I can eat. Though I could be selfless and make something I couldn’t eat… But what’s the fun in that?!? Alright, work to do. I’ll be at a concert of one of my favorite groups Swollen Members tomorrow so I may not be able to blog. I can’t wait though! I met them in Whistler and it was a huge highlight of my trip!

Swollen Members, famous Canadian sports broadcaster, me and Mimi!

Question of the day – Your favorite type of stew?

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