Cupcake Camp!

On April 10, Seattle is holding its very own Cupcake Camp! Everyone is invited to bring cupcakes to share, or just show up to eat everyone else’s delicious cupcakes! *I’ll probably go with the latter since I’m pretty sure Funfetti Cupcakes wouldn’t really be allowed…* The event is benefiting Hope Heart Institute. Who wouldn’t want to eat some cupcakes to help cardiovascular research and education? Looks like there will be some well-known local cupcake bakeries there such as Trophy and New York Cupcake.

Fat Kid Confidential

Mmm, Trophy's Mint Chocolate Chip cupcake

I hope Cupcake Royale or Yellow Leaf shows up! I’ve yet to have Yellow Leaf but I hear it’s bomb! My roommate just told me Cupcake Royale was giving out free Irish Whiskey Maple cupcakes out this morning before 10. She then followed that with “But who would want a cupcake that early?” “Umm.. THIS girl.” I know someone else has gotta agree with me, Crystal? Yes?

Anyways, I hope to see you all out at Westlake on April 10th!


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One response to “Cupcake Camp!

  1. Crystal

    Breakfast of champions! 🙂

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