My love affair with cheese….

I met up with my friend Jenny for lunch today. And when I say we met up for lunch I mean – we had both eaten or was going to eat after our meeting, and we just sit and talk. This time though, we got some household chores done by grocery shopping while catching up. We randomly walked around the Bellevue Safeway and ended up at the cheese counter so we could try some. They had samples of gouda and a pepper jack cheese. The gouda was heavenly. It took me back to when I studied abroad in Paris and was introduced to gouda by my host family. It soon became the love of my life. And the cause of my 10lb weight gain in Paris. Well, maybe that and the baguettes, paninis, crepes, pain aux raisins…. Anyways. I forgot how good gouda is. I almost bought a chunk of it, but then I realized that I’m going to Australia in 12 days, the last thing I need is a large chunk of gouda as I’m attempting to drop the LAST couple of pounds I can.

The friendly woman behind the counter talked with Jenny and I a bit about cheese. She let us try this proscuitto, tomato and mozzarella wrap, as well as goat cheddar cheese. The goat cheddar cheese was really good. It had the sharpness of chevre, but also a nice cheddar taste. I could’ve sat there all day and ate cheese samples. When I get back from Australia, I’m definitely going to have a wine and cheese party, Paris style. Well, maybe after lent so I can enjoy it on a baguette!

Also, in case you didn’t know. The original Red Robin on Eastlake Ave is closing down! Even though I’ve constantly experienced the worst service EVER there, I still love the place. It has a gorgeous outlook of Lake Washington, UW and Fremont, and the outdoor patio is nice. I spent both my 21st and 25th birthdays there and had good memories. Minus the fact that they cut me off on my 21st because I stood on a chair and tried to make the whole restaurant sing happy birthday to me. I wasn’t even drunk! I was disappointed, but the googly-eyed bird painted on the wall always makes up for it. My hope is to try and make it in before it closes, and take a picture of the bird and the restaurant. This requires time I don’t have! I’ll figure something out!

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