I love the Oscars

Though I’m sad that the award show season is over. Congratulations to Sandra Bullock!! I’m so excited she finally got an Oscar. I’ve always loved her, no matter how ridiculous her movies might be…

I did a lot of eating over the past few days, ok let’s be honest. When am I not eating a lot? But I definitely have a lot to write about over the next week! Which is good since I’ll be busy getting ready for San Antonio and Australia this weekend!

This past Thursday I did dinner and a movie with my friend Mariko. ‘Casablanca’ and Italian! We followed Giada De Laurentiis’ Whole-wheat spaghetti with lemon, basil and salmon. We did a lot of chopping, grating, squeezing, washing and spin-drying….

Fat Kid Confidential

Mmm, fresh basil

Though I might have burned a cookie sheet in the process (Ooops, I didn’t realize I turned on the wrong burner…) This was the final outcome:

Fat Kid Confidential

Best dinner to go with Humphrey Bogart

We used Trader Joe’s spring mix instead of spinach and twice as much as lemon juice and it was amazing. Lemony-basil goodness. It mixed really well with the salmon. Mariko and I both didn’t want the plate to go away. You know what also helped the dinner taste delicious?

Fat Kid Confidential

Taiwan Beer

It was a nice, light beer to go with our pasta and salmon! And of course, watching one of the greatest love stories ever. Perfect Thursday night with the Lil’ if you ask me!


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