Australians love their meat…

Pies that is. Especially after a night of drinking. After the Lady Gaga concert my friends and I went out dancing, and I was told I “must have a meat pie!” So at the end of the night, we crowded around a tiny little table at Pie Face and I had my first meat pie, complete with potatoes, gravy and mashie peas.

Meat Pie, Fat Kid Confidential

The creme de la creme of meat pie

Fat Kid Confidential

Meaty pie goodness

Pie Face is all over Australia. And opened very late. It was pretty good, just your average run of the mill mass produced meat pie. The potatoes and gravy were good, but mashie peas? Not so much my thing. It was odd eating green mashed potato-like substance, and it not tasting like mashed potatoes. I could do without it.

After another night of drinking, I was taken to the famous “Harry’s Cafe de Wheels” in Woolloomooloo (Yes, I did spell that correctly. The only place in the world with eight “O”s) by the naval dockyard. Harry Edwards founded this cafe in the 1930s. You can find smaller carts around Sydney that serve their pies, but the original one stands overlooking the water, docks and Russell Crowe’s fatty condo.

Fat Kid Confidential

The original Harry's Cafe de Wheels

I got the Harry’s Tiger, which was the meat pie, mashie peas, potatoes, gravy, and also a special curry sauce. It was pretty good. And to be truthful, I don’t remember if there were peas or not… Not going to lie, this was after 8ish beers at the Opera Bar, which sits under the Opera House and is a MUST to have drinks at when you’re in Sydney.

Fat Kid Confidential

Thoroughly enjoying my meat pie

From the looks of the picture, I didn’t have any mashie peas, and I was really happy eating it. Harry’s pies were really good as the shell had a nice, thick flaky crust. I could scoop out parts of it and eat it with the crust. Delicious. The curry sauce was a good addition as well.

The best pie I had the whole trip came from the Coolangatta Original Pie Shop on the Gold Coast near Brisbane.

Fat Kid Confidential

Coolangatta Original Pie Shop

I ordered a meat and mushroom, but they had all sorts of varieties like chicken and avocado and spinach and feta. I was going to try and be adventurous, but my friend Neil had been talking about these pies the whole trip, that I decided to order the meat one. And it was worth it.

Fat Kid Confidential

Meat and Mushroom goodness

The crust was light and flaky, and there was a good amount of meat and chopped mushrooms. My friend Neil ordered the meat and potatoes, he broke eight months of being vegetarian to eat this thing! He was a happy kid while eating it.

It’s good to be home, but I’m very tired and need some rest! I got screwed over by United Airlines and had to spend an extra day in Sydney (which would’ve been ok, except I was already at the airport when I found out because I had just flown in from Brisbane, and had to wait at the airport for three hours to get my backpack I had checked in, so I wasted pretty much my whole day. I have lots of stories to tell though! Especially about all the delicious food I had.



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3 responses to “Australians love their meat…

  1. They all look fantastic! Great blog.

  2. Lauren

    …They call them mashie peas in Australia? Funny! They called them mushy peas in England. Ohhh Aussies… 🙂

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