Crikey! It’s a crocodile!

I’m pretty sure Steve Irwin would not be pleased to hear this though: I had crocodile pizza while in Sydney. I was told I had to have it at the Australian Hotel in the Rocks. So, after I climbed the Harbour Bridge, I walked 100 meters to the right and sat myself at a table in the Australian and watched an old school sporting event. There was random throwing of a football-like object, weird tackles, men hoisting each other up, and other oddities which I can only imagine to be Australian Rules Football. That sport is batsh*t crazy by the way. I had no clue what was going on. The refs are pretty sweet though. When a goal is made, they make these awesome ridiculous hand signals that would give any drill team a run for their money.

The Australian is pretty well known as it’s the oldest pub in Sydney and has a wide variety of beer.

Fat Kid Confidential

The Australian Hotel

I ordered a crocodile beer and a James Squire amber ale (hoping it’d taste like Manny’s, sadly it didn’t). They also had a kangaroo and emu pizza on the menu, but didn’t think I could stomach either of those (I have a slight problem with thinking about what I’m eating, and kangaroos are so cute…). Plus I was told kangaroo is really gamey and I’m not a fan of that. The crocodile pizza had a bit of an asian flair as it was “marinated in spicy coconut cream and topped with Asian greens,” which I believe in America we call cilantro and red pepper… But that’s beside the point.

Fat Kid Confidential

Crocodile Pizza

Crocodile’s actually not that bad. It has the texture of and tastes like chicken, but with a salt water tang. It’s kind of hard to describe, but once you eat it, you understand that description. My stomach was a bit tense the whole time as I was nervous eating the crocodile (again, all I could imagine while I was eating was the scaly thing staring back at me somewhere in Heaven, Happy Gilmore style). And there was a lot of crocodile on it. There were also noisy Americans who I can only imagine were on an exchange program yelling inside and outside the empty bar. Makes me wonder if my friends and I were that obnoxious while studying abroad in Paris… I’m going to pretend that we weren’t.

If you’re ever going to Sydney, be sure to add this to your agenda: Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, The Australian Hotel, crocodile pizza (or something else of their delicious menu), and enjoy your time being in that beautiful city!

And make sure you drink a lot of water. I didn’t and the night ended with me almost fainting at my hostel…. Oops.


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One response to “Crikey! It’s a crocodile!

  1. Lauren

    I loved alligator!!! You’re right, definitely tastes like a slightly more griney chicken. Mmmmm. Great entry! I am definitely jonesing for an Oz vacation now…. 🙂

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