Schlotzsky’s Deli paid for my high school fun

My first real job in life was at Schlotzsky’s Deli (I don’t count the two weeks I spent at Big-5, mainly because I block that bad memory out of my head.) Schlotzsky’s is based out of Texas, and there were only two in Washington; now there are none. My friend’s older sister was a manager there and she hired me and this other girl, who became really good friends through all the crazy work stories.

If you’ve never been to Schlotzsky’s, you’re missing out. They bake their bread fresh every morning, but the soup is frozen and warmed with hot water. We cut veggies everyday and meat a few times a week. We also baked cookies, daily, multiple times depending on the day, who was managing, and how many we staff we eat on a shift. Oops. We were renowned for our New York Cheesecake, and also desserts like a caramel apple bar and lemon bar. I’m starting to drool as I think about it. Everytime I travel to Texas (which was twice in the past 6 months) I looked for a Schlotzsky’s! I found one at the Houston airport, but not when I was flying out, and I saw them all over when I was in San Antonio for a wedding, but never when I was hungry. The only good thing that came out of my ridiculous layover in Denver was that their airport has a Schlotzsky’s! I hopped on a train to Terminal A to be reunited with my childhood(ish) goodness.

There are so many choices though! Did I want to get a veggie pizza with the delicious pesto sauce? BBQ chicken pizza where Schlotzsky’s is the only place I’ll eat it. The turkey sandwich? The veggie sandwich with ranch, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce? The chicken with no pickles plus dijon mustard? So many choices! Once I saw the menu though, it was easy. They had brought back the Fiesta Chicken Sandwich!

When I first began working at Schlotzsky’s, they had a Fiesta Chicken Sandwich which was chicken on jalapeno bread toasted with two/three types of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and I believe jalapenos. It also had a special fiesta sauce which was almost like a spicy thousand, though I think they don’t have that anymore as my sauce didn’t taste the same. It brought me pure happiness as I sat in Denver, a mile above sea level. I settled in with a bag of sour cream n’ onion chips and I was set.

Fat Kid Confidential

Fiesta deliciousness!

Fat Kid Confidential

Fresh, crunchy goodness

The sandwich brought back some good, yet crazy memories. I worked at Schlotzsky’s from the end of my sophomore year, till the end of my senior year. I even worked my way up to manager, woo-hoo making $0.10 more than the rest of my employees! It actually wasn’t that bad, every Sunday after church the place was slammed, and sometimes on random week nights, always Friday nights. Even though some customers made me want to throw tomatoes at them, I never spit in anything or did anything terribly wrong (except maybe put a little extra mayo on some sandwiches….) I definitely ate more than I should’ve but it was worth (almost) every bite. I’d like to thank Schlotzsky’s deli for helping me make friends with people I never would’ve been (there were only about 5 of us from my high school working there), for having the HOT senior working when I first started, buying my wardrobe from A&F, and all the other memories!


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