Korean dinner redux

So I went home for Easter and got some pointers from my mom on how to cook Korean tofu. If you remember, I tried to make Korean tofu awhile ago, and it didn’t turn out so well. It kind of turned into a brown, lumpy, tasty mess. This time, I broiled the tofu in hot water, and mixed sesame oil and soy sauce together. I heated the sauce mixture up with some green onions, and poured it over my tofu and it turned out just like my moms:

Just like Umma's

Ok, well, not going to lie, my mom’s still looks prettier, but it tasted good! My grandma also sent me home with kim-chi, so I had fresh kim-chi to go with it! My favorite! I also made an egg dish I grew up with:

-Whisk three eggs (I used one whole, two egg whites)
-Add in green peppers and some ko-chu, which is like red pepper flakes
-Toss on some rice and enjoy!

This is the outcome, as well as the kim-chi.

Fat Kid confidential

Korean eggs and kim-chi

And this was my delicious dinner:

Fat Kid Confidential

Best. Meal. EVER.

It was childhood and happiness all in one. Next up to conquer? Kim-chi bok-eum bap. Wish me luck!


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