Cupcake Camp, nothing like Girl Scout camp

But oh so delicious. On April 10, 2010 Cupcake Camp Seattle held it’s first official event  to benefit the HopeHeart Institute. While I think having a cupcake celebration for cardiovascular research is a bit of an oxymoron, it was still delicious. I went with my two best friends who are foodies like me, and one can match me bite for bite when it comes to cupcakes. There were a lot of different companies there, as well as some cupcakes that some people brought from home. Here are some pictures from the event:

Fat Kid Confidential

Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes

Fat Kid Confidential

Cupcake dress from Trophy Cupcakes

Fat Kid Confidential

There was also a table filled with Seattle themed cupcakes:

Fat Kid Confidential

Fat Kid Confidential

Fat Kid Confidential

I believe this was supposed to be a latte

Fat Kid Confidential

Cute idea, I don't think I'd ever eat it though... The grass looks.. yeah..

Fat Kid Confidential

This one makes me giggle

Fat Kid Confidential

This one's so pretty! Wonder if it makes your teeth sparkle..

It was a great way to start my Saturday. Picked up one of my best friends at the airport and spending an hour shoving cupcakes in my mouth with two of my best friends and finishing it up with some milk. The HopeHeart Institute raised $5,276.50 and had a great turn out! I’m glad we got there early.

I did come away with one tidbit of knowledge though. I had always compared Cupcake Royale to Trophy Cupcake, actually getting into some intense conversations in bars about which was better. I always thought Trophy had the better cupcake, while Cupcake Royale had the better frosting. I was wrong. Cupcake Royale wins everything hands down. I had tried a peanut butter chocolate cupcake from Trophy, and it was a bit dry and not as sweet, while the chocolate cupcake from Cupcake Royale was fluffy and sweet and had the perfect frosting. And I know they’re a bit cheaper than Trophy. I know where I’ll be getting my cupcakes from now on! It’s Cupcake Royale or bust!

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One response to “Cupcake Camp, nothing like Girl Scout camp

  1. crystal

    I haven’t touched a single cupcake since this event! I agree with you that Cupcake Royale is better than Trophy.

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