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Canlis Scavenger Hunt

Hello faithful readers! I know, it’s been way too long since this fat kid has posted anything about food. It’s a shame as lately I’ve been eating a lot of great food and been to a late of great restaurants.

For those of you who don’t know or aren’t from Seattle, famed restaurant¬†Canlis is having a scavenger hunt around the Seattle area for their 1950 menu to celebrate their 60th anniversary. Some of the clues are crazy hard, but finding the menu is worth racking your brain trying to Google and every single word of the clue – finders of the menu get to dine at Canlis at 1950 prices. If any of you were wondering¬†what the menu was like in 1950, let me share with you: smoked salmon for $1.00, crab legs $1.25, ¬†$4.25 for a filet mignon, $4.00 lobster… The list goes on. Beverages, dessert and tip are at current day prices, but really, when else are you going to get lobster for $4.00? And I’m talking quality food, not the kind you find at those “restuarants” on the Strip in Vegas.

I don’t remember how I found out about the Canlis hunt, but my friend Karisa and I decided to follow one day at work. When the clue finally dropped: Clue #8: Is the cup half full of half empty? At 15,300 ft. a little water makes all the difference. You know you’ve been working in real estate too long when you see 15,300 ft to be the square foot of a building. Using our real estate skills, Karisa and I figured it must be at the Seattle Library, the Library is 15,300 sf, and the fountain in front of it, by George Tsutakawa is called the “Fountain of Wisdom.” We assumed “wisdom” was an allegory for “half full of half empty.” We sprinted from our building through the underground tunnel to the Library and sprinted up and down multiple floors. While I got in a second workout of my day, we were way off the clue. The menu was hidden at the Ballard Locks. “Little water” = tenas chuck = what Native Americans used to call Lake Union. 15,300 ft. is the distance from Lake Union to the Locks.The Locks stay closed and full on the Lake Union side while waiting for a boat, when a boat was ready to go into Puget Sound, the Locks captured the boat in the middle, the water then empties so the boat can enter into Puget Sound without mixing the fresh and salt water. Plus, had Karisa and I done our homework, we would’ve known that the menu had been hidden at the Seattle Library the previous week.

We knew this was going to be a difficult chase, but we were determined to find a menu and take each other out. Forget about husband/boyfriend, we were in this for ourselves. The next day the clue came out as we were both leaving work: Clue #9: T-U.dub. University of Washington Tacoma? No, that was too far away. Luckily, Karisa was on her way to class at UW and could check around campus. I called her right when she was walking to the bus stop and she was by the Fairmont. I told her I’d keep looking and let her know. It had to be somewhere on campus. Then, I figured it out: Territorial University of Washington. The original UW campus had been on 4th and University, at the Fairmont Hotel. I called Karisa and we both sighed long frustration into the phone. We were only on clue 9 though, 41 more to go. I was on a mission, and the competitive side in me doesn’t like to lose. Little did I know, I wasn’t too far away from a menu of my own… But that’s a story for tomorrow…



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