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Canlis menu #14: With Leschi behind her Atlanta would bear, to where steam and gun smoke off filled the air.

Alright, so tomorrow turned into next week…. Minor details! Here’s the story of how Dan and I found the 14th Canlis menu.

The evening of Wednesday, November 3, started off as any other, I was curled up in my green sweatpants and a sweatshirt on my couch watching ‘The Colbert Report’ with my boyfriend. I checked my Facebook to see if the Canlis clue had dropped while we were at dinner and saw that “it was coming.” It was around 8:30, so, like a maniac, I kept hitting my computers refresh button.

At 9:07 I saw it – “Clue #14: With Leschi behind her Atlanta would bear, to where steam and gun smoke off filled the air.” I looked at Dan and said, “We have to figure this out!” So he, using his iPhone, and I, using my art history research skills, Googled and Wiki’d as much as we could. Dan figured the Atlanta must be a boat, so we started looking up, “Atlanta, boat, Leschi.” We hit gold when we found the Wikipedia page about the Leschi Marina and the steamboats that used it.

I told him we had to try and go for it. Leschi Marina was the first thought in our minds, we figured that was too easy, and the clue stated “Leschi behind her,” but should try it anyways. Not caring that I was in a fraternity Canada formal sweatshirt dated 2005, we jumped in his car and got onto 99. As he drove towards downtown, I looked up the Leschi Marina address on his iPhone and got it on the map, while also trying to find more info on the Atlanta.

As he took the Broad Street exit to head towards the marina, I saw the Atlanta had gone to Mercer Island, and a couple paragraphs down I saw “Roanoke” which immediately made me think of the bar. I didn’t realize at the time that Roanoke was listed under “ferries” and not “steamboat,” but I was already too busy yelling at Dan to get on I-5 to I-90. My very sweet, calm boyfriend drove while I yelled, “WHY ARE YOU TURNING THERE?” “CAN’T YOU GO ANY FASTER?!?” as we headed towards Mercer Island.

We rounded West Mercer Way, and I was continuously refreshing the Canlis Facebook to see if anyone had found it. Dan pulled up to the Roanoke bar and I jumped out, sweatpants and all into the bar. Everyone looked at me oddly as I ran in, and then I realized there was no menu there. Dejectedly, I got back into the car with Dan to look at his phone. The screen was on the Google maps and I noticed Roanoke Way was right next to the bar, I yelled at Dan that we needed to get there. We drove down the short street and saw what once must have been a dock. I sprinted out of the car and ran out, expecting to see someone there with a menu. It was dark and very creepy, but I didn’t see a menu so I walked slowly back to the car. “Where could it be?” I asked Dan, and we started coming up with other possibilities. A car pulled up behind us and we figured they were looking for the clue as well. Dan and I continued pouring over his phone when I saw someone at his window.

“Umm, Dan…..” I pointed.

He rolled down his window, and the man, who I hoped was not a serial killer, poked his head in.

“Did you guys get what you were looking for?”

“Umm, no…”

“Really? I tweeted that you guys found it.”

“OHMYGOD!” me.

“I’m Brian Canlis and I thought you guys found the menu.”

“AH I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE IT IS!” I screamed as I sprinted down to the dock and to the old metal gate. What I thought had been part of the posting of the gate, was actually the menu. I grabbed it triumphantly and squealed so loud I’m sure the neighbors thought a bird was dying. I continued screaming as I ran back to the car, menu in hand. Brian laughed and congratulated us, and I danced around Dan’s car for a bit before finally getting back in. We headed back to Seattle, looking at the menu, and celebrated with a Dick’s chocolate milkshake.



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