Emmer & Rye

Dinner tonight was at Emmer & Rye courtesy of Groupon and my boyfriend, Dan! Emmer & Rye is up on Queen Ane Avenue and has been around for about a year. The food is contemporary style and uses local products. Emmer & Rye prides itself on using seasonal food for their menu. You can view their menu here: click me!

It took Dan and I about 30 minutes to decide what to order and we decided to start out with the four cheese platter. There was a blue cheese, one hard one, and two softer ones that were soft of like brie. I usually like the harder cheeses, but tonight, the two softer ones stole my heart. One was from Maine, and the other was from Mt. Townsend Creamery. They came with homemade crackers and pumpkin chutney. The crackers were thin and had the right amount of salt on them, and the pumpkin chutney was sweet and sour all at once. “It tasted like autumn,” according to Dan.



Next we had the cauliflower, mushroom and mixed green salad. The cauliflowers and mushrooms had been cooked so the salad was warm. I was a little bit sketched out by the warm winter salad, but it turned out to be delish. Dan swears the mushrooms were roasted in beef stock. Whatever they were roasted in, they were really good. The mushrooms were thick and juicy and the cauliflowers were cooked just right. The salad was mixed in a walnut vinagrette.


Seasonal salad

We split the scallop dish, which sadly only had two scallops on it. Dan thought they were over cooked, but I thought they were just right. The scallops were seared and sitting on tomato relish, farrow and bok choy.


Mmmm.... Scallops...

And for the main, main course? Beef bolognese. The beef they have comes from the Smith Farms in Olympia. They’re grass-fed and that’s what made Dan say it was ok to order the bolognese. (He doesn’t really like to eat red meat). The bolognese wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought I’d get a big pile of penne and tomato sauce with a little bit of meat mixed in. I was completely wrong. Instead we got a bowl of pasta filled with fresh tasting meat and a minor amount of tomatoes. It was delicious.


Beef bolognese, heavy on the beef.

For dessert we couldn’t decide so we chose two: espresso ice cream cake and white chocolate ice cream with candied kumquats and biscotti. Not much to say except we were not disappointed and there was nothing left to clean up.


White chocolate ice cream


Espresso ice cream cake

Dinner costs us about $70 (not including the Groupon), but was definitely worth it. The portions are not the normal “American portions,” but that’s great because you can try a bunch of different plates and not feel overstuffed. (We should’ve gone for the half portion of beef bolognese). We’ll definitely be going back! But for now, I’m going to go play in the snow while it’s still around!


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