Sunday Stirfry

Before I started dating Dan, I was great at making dinner every night and making sure I had leftovers. Then I learned, boyfriends eat what would be your leftovers, scraping off the bottom of the pan. I suppose this means we have delicious food, but it also means I never have lunch to bring to work and am stuck with cans of soup! This Sunday I was a “single” girl again (Dan was running around Seattle with his mom) and I thought I should make something that would last for a week of lunches. I had some asparagus with my lunch on Friday, and realized I should make shrimp and veggie stirfry! I went to Safeway and wandered around the vegetable section grabbing whatever looked good. This is the stirfry I came up with:

4 Yukon gold potatoes
1lb Asparagus
3 Roma tomatoes
1 Broccoli crown
1lb mushrooms
Large chunks of red onion
Red chili sauce
Salt and pepper
Shrimp for your hearts content

I took a large stirfry pan, coated the bottom with olive oil and started the potatoes on medium heat. I let those soften while I chopped and cut up the other vegetables. I added the broccoli, onion and asparagus, then started cooking the shrimp in another pan. I added some garlic and put the onions and mushrooms to the pan. I stirred in the red chili sauce and salt and pepper, then added the cooked shrimp and let it simmer for a little to let the flavors merry. This was the end result:

Sunday stirfry! (I like it spicy if you couldn't tell...)


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