Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday was Chinese New Year, and my best friend who grew up in Singapore invited some girls over to partake in dinner with her. We spent the evening talking about traditions (in Singapore she always received a red envelop of money, in Korea, they just give you straight up cash, but we had to do a New Year’s bow for ours, and she got hers bright and early in the morning!) and delve into some homemade Singaporean food. I’m not a big fan of Chinese food, and have never had Singaporean food so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jessica had spent the whole day cooking, in true Asian fashion, and created a delicious feast fit for a king!

The table was covered with food when I arrived (a bit late thanks to boot camp and an accident) and the other girls had already gone through their first round of food. I quickly caught up with them and filled my plate with everything on the table. This is what Jessica made: *I apologize for the blurry, yellow tinted pictures, the camera phone is still a learning game

Chinese New Year

Gado Gado

This is a salad with fried tofu, cooked potatoes, cauliflower, blanched and shredded cabbage, and I believe green beans, all topped with a peanut sauce. This was probably my favorite dish of the night, and I couldn’t stop putting it on my plate, or picking at it when I was too embarrassed to continue filling my plate up.


Chinese New Year

Beef rendang

Jessica slow cooked beef in a crockpot with coconut milk and spices. It was so soft and tender, there was no need for a knife as it pulled apart with a fork. I took extra servings of this as well.


Chinese New Year

Chicken rice and beef rendang

There was chicken rice, which was brown rice, cooked in chicken stock from the chicken in the picture below.


Chinese New Year

Chicken and sauces

Jess made three sauces for the chicken: garlic, dark soy sauce and chili.


Chinese New Year

Curry puffs

And finally, there were curry puffs. She made two kinds, one wrapped in crescent dough and another in biscuit though. The filling was made of curry, potatoes and chicken. It could be interrupted as an “Asian meat pie.”

We finished off dinner with mandarins (for luck!) and homemade peach bubble tea.

Chinese New Year is quite different from Korean New Year. The Chinese use a lot of different plates and styles of food, where in Korea, I’ve always had rice cake soup and other rice cake goodies. One thing is for sure, I’ll be looking forward to Chinese New Year next year!! Maybe this time I’ll take the day off work and help Jessica out. Happy New Year!


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