Weekend Rewind (Midweek style)

This past weekend was filled with friends, food and sports, the best things you could ask for on a 3 day weekend. (Well, ok, a boat ride would have also been nice, but there was no time!) The sun has finally come out here in Seattle and it looks like we’re in for an Indian Summer. After having practically no summer at all, I’ll take it!

Friday was a half day at work, so I went home early, finished reading my book and took a mini-nap before heading back downtown to the Seahawks game with Dan and some friends. We beat the Raiders! Which is always a nice feeling, even if it was just a pre-season game.

What I was really excited for, was the beginning of Husky Football season. Tailgating is the official shift from summer to fall. It’s how one is able to let go of summer weekends bbq’ing and boating, but still able to hang out with friends all day long, even if the weather is starting to turn bone chilling cold. My friend Taylor puts on the best tailgate with delicious food, good beer, games and lots of friends. I also like to wander around and visit other friends in the parking lot. This time my friend brought her new dog to come hang out.

Oliver - Could also be mistaken for UW's mascot, Dubs.

The Huskies barely got by with a win from Eastern Washington. It was a pitiful game, but we won, and hopefully the team brings their A-game next week.

At least it was a gorgeous day!

After the dismal game, Dan and I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Green Lake: Rosita’s. I love Rosita’s because it tastes so fresh, great atmosphere and they hand make corn tortillas in the open and you can go up and ask for one. They give you one freshly made and fill it with some butter and their spicy homemade salsa. I ordered the chalupas and made sure I had leftovers to snack on for Sunday.

Leftover chalupas

I would’ve snapped a more pleasing photo at the restaurant on Saturday, but I was so hungry I totally forgot. They made a great breakfast on Sunday and stuck with me for a four mile run and then a wedding later in the day. Sunday was filled with more friends and delicious food as I celebrated my friends’ wedding. I remember when they first started dating in college….. There was a lot of food and dancing involved, and they even surprised us with the Molly Moon’s truck! Genius! I’ve always dreamed of ice cream at a wedding, and these two made it happen!

Monday I made my favorite pasta salad and we headed up north for a bbq with friends. All in all, it was a great weekend! Busy, but laid back – my favorite.


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