Do the Puyallup

Fall has officially arrived in Seattle. It actually began this past weekend, but the sun was out in full force on Saturday and most of Sunday (there may have been a sudden rain storm out of nowhere and hurricane style winds downtown for about 15 minutes). This morning though, the skies were grey and the rain was falling. Here comes 6 months of grey and wet in the good ol’ PNW! I am currently cuddled up with a brand new yarn blanket (thank you, Martha Stewart) and Dan is attempting to get the fire going.

Last week my friend and I took advantage of the sunny weather (and a Groupon) and went down to Puyallup to Washington’s most famous fair. Actually, the Puyallup fair is one of the top ten in the nation. I find this shocking, but growing up in a small town and having watched enough movies, I know that local fairs can draw a big crowd.

Like any good fair goer, the first place we headed for was Fisher’s Scone Stand. I was first introduced to them last year and was wondering where they’d been all my life. The Seattle Times ran a great article on the history of the scones and the fair. We decided to forgo the scone and get strawberry shortcake.

*Please note, all the food below was split in half… Though I won’t lie, I probably would’ve tried to eat it all myself

Fisher's Strawberry Shortcake

We walked around eating the strawberry shortcake, pondering what to eat next. We split a brat, but there is no evidence of that because I was so hungry, I forgot to take a picture of it. No picture means no calories, right? I hope so, because after the brat, we moved onto a hand-dipped ice cream cone with nuts.


We walked around looking at the booths, horse draft races, dogs, rabbits and of course, Mutton Bustin’. If you’ve never heard of this, Mutton Bustin’ is an event where kids under the age of 7 and under 60lbs ride on a sheep for as long as they can without falling off. The winner of the whole fair gets to go compete at nationals.

Kid hanging on for dear life

After a three hour food break, we went to go find onion rings.


There was more walking around, agriculture designs, looking at collections (there was a My Little Pony one, it brought me back to my childhood) and sows.

So cute! Who doesn't love bears made out of fruits and veggies?

Papa pig and baby pig

And for our final food fare of the night? We went to the fried booth. So many options! Fried peanut butter cups? Snickers? Bacon covered poppers? Butter?!?! We ended up with fried pickles.

Fried pickle

It was interesting. It tasted like a pickle, covered in fried dough. They made the batter a bit too thick and not all of it fried, but that’s probably for the best since I didn’t eat all thedoughy parts. We also dipped it in ranch dressing.

Fried pickle and ranch

It was a good way to end the night, and now I have a year to recover before I do it all again.


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