Happy New Year!

Or I guess I should say – Happy First Week of 2012! I apologize for the lack of posting. I have no real excuse to give except that, well, I’ve been busy playing Words With Friends, my new obsession. *Gunslee if you want to play! Also, chat me to let me know you found me on my blog!*

I ended 2011 with a new adventure and one of my favorite things.

Rock climbing (We don't have a belaying certificate so we could only climb this wall) It's harder than it looks, promise!

Toasted Coconut Cupcake hand carried from New Jersey

New Years Eve this year was perfect. Spent it with a few close friends, at a favorite neighborhood bar sipping beers and champagne, and rang in the new year with some of my favorites. It’s the first time in years I haven’t partied hard or taken shots and woke up on the first hating the new year. Quite refreshing. Dan and I woke up early-ish on the 1st and went snowshoeing for the first time at Snoqualmie with a friend.

Peaceful and serene

The view from the top

We also went snowshoeing on the 2nd to Franklin Falls, also around the Snoqualmie area. This one was pretty, but I definitely loved walking around in the fresh snow better.

View of the falls

I’m quite excited for 2012, I think it will hold a lot of adventures and memories. Already on the travel agenda are trips to: Korea, LA, San Francisco. Hopefully we can add: New Orleans (for the Husky/Tigers game!), Hawaii, London, New York and who knows where else! I hope you had a fabulous new years and have a great year to come!


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