Weekend Review

Whew, it’s Monday already? This weekend flew by. I finally got hit with the late-2os wave as I spent my weekend at a baby shower and lots of wedding planning! Don’t worry, not mine. I’m sure as soon as I get engaged I will be blabbering about it non-stop.

Baby Bingo Cards and Husky Socks

My friend and I were in charge of games for the baby shower. If you ever need any ideas, I suggest – baby bingo – fill out a bingo card with presents you expect the mom-to-be to open; the safety pin game – each person gets a safety pin, if they say the magic words *we used “cute”, “baby” and “girl”, they must give their safety pin to someone who hears, the one with most pin wins; and guess the celebrity baby – show photos of celebrity babies and try to guess who their mom is! Tie-breaker, name as many babies as you can!

The rest of Saturday and Sunday were spent visiting with my friend from Chicago who is getting married at the end of summer. I never knew searching for dresses could be so exhausting! I had a great time though and am excited for my friends getting married this summer! I was excited to come home though and chill with Dan and the cat after such a hectic weekend.

The cat being frisky and playful

Perfect snack while watching "Once Upon a Time"



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