Weekend Review

This weekend I traveled to the Great White North, also known as – Canada. A few girl friends and I went up to our friend’s house in Whistler and enjoyed a quiet weekend away with hot tubs, hikes and shopping. We had breakfast both days at my favorite place – Crepe Montagne, and made burritos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo Saturday night. We got back to Seattle in the late afternoon on Sunday, which gave Dan and I time to bike down to the Fremont mobile food rodeo (it was his second time through). Although the lines were long, I got to try a few new things, but sadly a lot of places were out of food by the time I arrived. It was the perfect weekend after a stressful week.

Also – When spending time in the wilderness with me, don’t say “snake”. I will promptly shove whoever is nearest (sorry, Kerry!!) towards said thing and run screaming.

Lost Lake, Whistler, BC

Nutella Crepe

Eggs Over Hard

Flatbread Taco from Off the Rez food truck

Coconut Chicken Sandwich from Charlie’s Buns N Stuff

Homemade Tzatziki

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