Weekend Review

Dan’s parents were in town for the weekend, so you know what that means – LOTS of eating. Much more than a person should do in a 5 day span. Since last Tuesday, I’ve eaten at Ponti, Annapurna, Mariner’s suite (courtesy of work), 35th Street Bistro, Library Bistro, Sound Brewery (beer tasting, with some delicious smoked salmon) JJ’s Fish House and Juno. Needless to say this weeks eating is vegetable and fruit based.

Steak au Poivre at 35th Street Bistro

Chicken Milanese at 35th Street Bistro

Beignets from 35th Street Bistro

Rainier Club

Donuts with vanilla cream cheese frosting from Library Bistro

New Ferris wheel on the Seattle pier

Poulsbo, WA

Bremerton, WA



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2 responses to “Weekend Review

  1. 1. I LOVE 35th street bistro and 2. Did you go on the new ferris wheel? That’s crazy it is up already!

  2. I have not! It’s not open yet… We should get some girls together and go when it finally does open though! Though my plan is to wait at least a week… You know.. to make sure it’s 100% secure…..

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