Turkish Breakfast in Fremont

There’s a new Turkish cafe that opened in Fremont a couple weeks ago – Cafe Turko. Whenever we would pass by the building with signs stating “Cafe Turko Opening Soon”, Dan would get really excited. I’ve never had Turkish food, but Dan did when he was living in Germany and loves it. We stopped by on a Thursday night to get a little after dinner pastry, but they had just closed up. The owner was kind enough to unlock the door and we decided to get lunch for the next day. We got hummus, stuffed peppers and dolmas, it was amazing. On Saturday we went there for breakfast and my first cup of Turkish coffee.

Turkish Coffee

The coffee was thicker than I expected and took a few sips to get used to. Being that there are only a few sips in the cup, I think it’s going to take a few Turkish breakfasts to get my taste buds used to it! We ordered a plethora of food, our favorite being a spinach and cheese pastry. Everything was amazing though and I can’t wait to go back again!



Turkish Delight to top off breakfast!



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2 responses to “Turkish Breakfast in Fremont

  1. Did you happen to notice if it was vegetarian/vegan friendly?

  2. It’s definitely vegetarian friendly, I’m not so sure about the vegan. Definitely not the pastries, those things had to be filled with butter.

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