Fred Astaire

Hello! After my New Year’s resolution of being a good blogger, I failed completely. But this time, I have a legitimate excuse!!!!


Wait for it….


Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Fred Astaire!

Australian Cattle Dog mix

My little Australian Cattle Dog mix

Meet Fred Astaire!

Dan and I have been talking about getting a dog, and after following Angel Paws Pet Rescue on Facebook, I found this little guy and fell in love.  We decided to foster him with hopes to adopt.

7 weeks old Finn the puppy at a Nevada Shelter

The first full day we had him, I fell ill with a 101 degree fever, and having an 8 week old puppy did not help at all. The first few days were rough, and we decided we were in no place to have an 8 week old puppy with no prior dog experience.  We let the rescue know we were going to look for another dog, but had to keep him for three days. Well, three days later and we fell completely, helplessly in love. We seemed to have forgotten how hard house training, biting and all around puppy craziness was. So we are now owners of this guy.

Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Silly puppy

We were told he was an Australian Shepherd, but pretty sure he’s an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix. I’m excited to see what he turns out to be! I am tempted to do a DNA test so I know what type of personality I’m in for! I’m sure I’ll be blogging a lot about raising a puppy and all the frustrations, but also post a ton of dog pictures! Who doesn’t love dog pictures? Especially goofy ones?

Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Backwards downward dog???

Australian Cattle Dog mix

Fred likes sticks more than walking

Australian Cattle Dog mix

Gotta keep this one away from the booze

Australian Cattle Dog mix

Seriously… This face…

I’ll post more later!


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