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Pizza for breakfast

Sometimes being an adult sucks – waking up early, no summer breaks, paying bills, waking up early… But sometimes being an adult and making your own decision rocks. Like deciding what you’re going to eat for breakfast. Case in point – we got pizza from Zeek’s last night and I decided to have a slice for breakfast this morning. Pretty sure my mom wouldn’t of let that fly when I was 10 years old.

Zeek's Pizza

Breakfast of Champions

Zeek's Pizza


Zeek's Pizza

All done!


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Weekend Review

The weekend flew by quickly but was again filled with friends and great food, as well as some dancing adventures.

Dinner at Wallingford Pizza House


Perfect way to end the week

Friday evening was dinner with Dan and his mom at the Wallingford Pizza House, the closest thing Seattle will ever come to Chicago-style pizza.

Pizza was followed by dessert at Feinting Goat Gelato

We stopped by a birthday party after (Happy belated birthday Stacey!!)  Then it was home early to finish some last minute things before the wedding.

The wedding was a great success and a lot of fun. It being my first wedding I was in, I had no idea what to expect or do, so I showed up with a bottle of champagne and my Ipod filled with music.

The groom requested my hair be half up half down, half straight half curly. Don't worry, it didn't stay that way.

The reception was held at Georgetown Stables which was a fabulously fun location located right next to the Georgetown Trailer Park (Don’t worry, not a REAL trailer park, more like a bunch of food trucks and shops based out of trailers) There was a taco truck and Georgetown beer, lots of music and bouquet catching. I have no pictures from the night as I was too busy gettin’ down and gettin’ my grub/drink on.

Sunday was Seahawks football and recuperating from Saturday night. The weather continued to be gorgeous and warm all weekend, but now fall has started to show up and the days are dark, grey and a bit chilly. The evenings have been beautiful though with the sun starting to peak through around 5 o’clock. I love autumn, but the nights getting darker is starting to throw me off, especially since we are just now starting to have a summer! I hope the rest of September is sunny and warm, and mid-October it starts to get chilly but still sunny.

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