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Weekend Review (Tough Mudder Style!)

This past weekend I went to Whistler with a few girl friends to compete in Tough Mudder. We signed up months ago, and I always told myself I was going to train hardcore, but by the time Tough Mudder rolled around, all I had done was a few push ups and attempts at the monkey bars. Needless to say, I’m very sore today.

We started the morning at my favorite breakfast place then headed up to Whistler Olympic Park on the shuttle bus. The sky was blue with clouds and the weather was probably in the low 60s, a nice surprise from the torrential down pour we had driven through the night before.

For 11.5 miles, we ran up ski slopes; ran down a muddy forest; jumped into colored ice water and submerged ourselves fully then pulled ourselves out; scaled 9 foot walls then tried to “gracefully” get over them; carried a log up and down a hill; jumped into a snowy lake and swam across a portion of it; ran in mud (that sometimes got chest high); got shocked; army crawled through rubber tubes, a snow/ice crawl space, under barbed wire and through more electric shocks; and tackled a few other obstacles. Way to go ladies!

Tough Mudders all nice and clean!

Tough Mudders dirty and done!

Kiss of Mud

Why yes, that is barbed wire a foot and a half above the mud

A gorgeous day in Whistler



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Weekend Review

This past weekend I went down to Duck country (that’s Eugene for anyone not familiar with the Pac-12) and ran a half marathon with one of my best friends. It’s been years since I’ve been to Eugene (the last time I was down, I was there with the same friend visiting her old roommate when we were all in Paris). Maddy had a friend who lived down there and was able to take us to all the yummy places to eat so we could fuel up for our big run. We had lunch at Cornucopia followed by huge scoops of ice cream at the famous Prince Puckler’s. I was a good Husky and refrained from saying anything or wearing my UW shirt, but I did get some looks whenever I looked at my phone, which has a Husky cover… ┬áSunday morning we woke up super early, kicked butt during the run, had lunch, then made the drive back to Portland, and I got ready for my second leg back to Seattle, making sure I stopped by and said hi to my mom on the way up.

Much needed triple shot Americano Saturday morning after a 7:30 AM run.

Maddy and Bo

Bo, right before she started to howl in my face.

I was super excited when I found these at a gas station. It was like finding the end of a rainbow.

The world's largest Cobb Salad from Cornucopia. I ate it all.

Joey, finishing up Maddy and Karen's sandwiches.

Coconut Ice Cream. A-ma-ZING.

View from Skinner Butte.

Pre's Rock - Memorial to Steve Prefontaine.

It's 5:30am. Way too early to be up.

In the start corral.

Done! Sporting our sparkles and Husky pride.

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I’ve returned!

Hello! I know it’s been awhile since my last post, I apologize. I’ve been very busy training for this:

Nike Womens Marathon

Don’t worry, I didn’t actually do the full, I did the half. The full would’ve turned my legs to jello. The hills were a beast to handle and my legs didn’t like going up an incline for over a mile. That course is rough! Props to anyone out there who has done it!

The goal was to run through this:

Finish Line

To get this:

Finishers Necklace

And this:


All in all, great race. And now I have more time to cook, bake and blog!

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