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Weekend Review

It still counts as a weekend review even if we’re closer to the following weekend, right? This is what happens with 3 day weekends.

This past weekend we went to California to visit Dan’s parents, take in some sunshine and get much needed R&R. We spent Saturday on the beautiful Catalina Island. The weather said it was going to be 60s, so we dressed for 60s. It ended up being sunny and 70s, so I was dying in my jeans and button down. I won’t complain about the sunshine though! I was overdressed the whole weekend and had to buy flip flops in Huntington Beach so my feet could breathe. We went down to Newport Beach on Saturday and Sunday and ate our way down the beach. Which then required a run on the sand to counter-act the calories. I haven’t ran in months and thought I could go on a nice, easy beach run with Dan and his brother. It ended up being a grueling 5 miles and made the burger I ate after it worth it. It was such a great trip to California, especially since I had never been to Catalina or Newport Beach!

Catalina Island

Coming up on Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Reminds me of the French Riveria.

Catalina Island

Beautiful blue water.

Catalina Island

Seriously, so beautiful.

Catalina Island

Also, I love my new camera!

Catalina Island

Lucky seagull gets to live here.

Huntington Beach

Macadamia nut creme brulee for Dan’s birthday at Huntington Beach!


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