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Sushi Kappo is really not that great

A little over a week ago, Sushi Kappo ran a groupon for $25 for a $50 meal. Being the sushi lovers that Dan and I are, he bought it and we were excited to try out a new restaurant. On Tuesday, we took the 5 minute bus ride from Dan’s apartment to the restaurant. It’s a nicely decorated, trendy looking restaurant, brightly lit was fabulous interior designs. I noticed there was not much seating, which was correct, because when we walked in at 6:30, we were told there was a 30 min to hour long wait. An hour long wait for a restaurant on Tuesday night? Dan rightly brought up the movie “Date night” where Tina Fey and Steve Carrell are told there was a month long wait to get into the restaurant, “Crab, your welcome.”

The maitre d’ got us in after about 25 minutes of waiting. We were sat at a four-top table, almost near another couple. While I can appreciate Sushi Kappo’s open layout, I felt with the restaurant being so bright, it felt a bit uncomfortable being so close to other people.

I waited for edamame to be served to us, but apparently Sushi Kappo does not serve edamame like other sushi houses. We ordered grilled king oyster mushrooms, shimeji Mizuna, dressed with Yuzu juice and Umadashi, a tuna salad, Ebi-Tempura roll which had wild shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and tobiko, a dungness crab roll, and a spicy tuna roll because I cannot go to sushi without ordering one.

The tuna and the mushrooms came out first, and I was shocked at the teeny, tiny portions. Perhaps I am used to big American plates, but if I’m paying $8 for tuna, I was hoping for more than 3 small little cubes of tuna. The tuna came in a peanut sauce and was on a bed of green veggies. It was delicious and Dan enjoyed his mushrooms. When the rolls came I was disappointed. The spicy tuna roll felt like it was half made of the spicy mayo sauce, and the dungeness crab roll tasted like cheap, imitation krab. The shrimp tempura roll was good, but by the time I got to it, I was too full from the heavy spicy tuna roll.

Service was lacking as well. We waited 15 minutes for our check while the server kept walking by our table, and it seemed everyone else was being tended to. Needless to say, we will not be returning to Sushi Kappo, and will probably not visit sister restaurant Chiso, which is right down the street from my apartment in Fremont. Groupon fail.


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