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Puppies are hard work…

Hi again! I know, it’s been awhile. It’s been many meals, Meatless Mondays, Friday treats and weekends in between since we’ve seen each other last. Did you know raising a puppy was difficult? I assumed it would be hard, I did not assume that it would take up every single breath of my day and sometimes at 3am. Also, when your dog gets Giardia (intestinal parasite) he cannot play with other dogs. This means double the work of exercising and wearing him out, and not just taking him to puppy playtime for 45 minutes and letting him get it all out there. Fred, you really need to learn to not eat other dogs poo. That’s gross. And gets you sick. And makes me angry and exhausted. Please take note of this.

Oh hi, Fred. Are you sleepy? Maybe it’s because you refuse to lay down for a nap.

Here’s a preview of my day: Wake up, take Fred out of his crate (Dan takes him out when he gets up, then puts him back in the crate with a Kong while he’s getting ready), turn on my computer,  try to get Fred to stop barking, turn on TV to the Today show, get coffee, pet Fred and get him to try and eat his breakfast, check emails, do some training with Fred, take Fred out, start work, tell Fred to stop barking and distract him with Kong/bully stick/bone/toy, work, put Fred in crate because he won’t be still and trying to trick me into taking him outside by ringing the potty bell, conference call, give Fred lunch and take him out for a long walk, let him run around the house for a bit, put him back in crate, work, take Fred to puppy playtime in hopes of running his energy out, come home, finish up work I was unable to do while dealing with Fred, dinner, play and do training with Fred until he starts getting barky and cranky and then I know it’s his bedtime.

And that, is just a normal day in the life for this fat kid.

Monday was our 2 month anniversary together. We went from this:

Fred the first night we got him. Around 6 weeks old.

And now….

Fred at 14 weeks… So cute and so innocent… If only all day was like this…

I got him a new bed in hopes he would lay down next to me while I work and chill. It worked yesterday. Today not so much as Fred is now in his crate napping since he won’t nap outside of his crate 90% of the time and will just run around like a madman until we put him in there. I’m hoping he learns to nap on the bed. Especially because I need more of this in my life.

Love this mutt.


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