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Mamma mia!

Dan, the boyfriend, loves pizza and cheese more than anyone I know. The first month we were dating, I believe I ate more Pagliacci’s than a frat boy all through college. Sure it was mostly after drinking pizza eating (they deliver till midnight!), but who can say no to cheesy, basil-y, tomato-y goodness? We’ve definitely cut back our pizza in-take, but we still love eating Dan’s favorite food. After being inspired by “Skinny Italian” by Real Housewife of NJ, Teresa Guidice, we decided to make our own homemade pizza. We followed pizza dough instructions from the packet of ¬†“pizza yeast,” and added our own toppings of sauce we made earlier in the week,¬†mozzarella, tomato and basil. Here are some pictures of our pizza making adventures:


Kneadin' some dough!

Dan using his back-in-the-day pizza tossing skills

Over ready.

Carefully placing the pizza on the pizza stone...

Our dinner!

The pizza turned out ok. The dough didn’t cook through properly, but Dan was getting impatient and he didn’t want the toppings to burn. We’re going to try again tonight, this time we’re going to heat up the pizza stone well ahead of time so the pizza can cook evenly on the bottom as well. Who’s excited for a Wednesday night of cooking and cleaning for her broken boyfriend? This girl!


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