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Chicken and a guest

Good evening! I attempted something new tonight – I cooked chicken breast in a mixture of olive oil and parsley goop, splashed some lemon juice on it, added a chopped garlic, and sauteed tomatoes,green onions and mushrooms in it as well. The outcome was this:

(I didn't time cooking the chicken, so the veggies finished cooking before the chicken and I had to scoot them out of the oil)

I topped it over the wheat linguine and added a salad made by my friend, Jessica. She was brave enough to let me try out my experimental cooking on her! This is what our dinner looked like:

I’m not exactly sure what this is called, but it turned out pretty good! I’ve never cooked chicken in olive oil before, I liked the slight crisp the chicken had. Jessica said it was good! So I’ll take that as a positive sign. Dinner was also followed by a Trophy cupcake…

Mmm... Chocolate chip mint

I found this article in the New York Times today: “United Tastes – A City’s Specialty, Japanese in name only.”

I thought it was interesting how Mr. Edge compared teriyaki to a Chicago dog. I noticed a lot of teriyaki restaurants on the Ave in the University District when I arrived in Seattle for college, but it was also surrounded by Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. I feel that Seattle is an equal opportunity place for Asian restaurants. I also never recall seeing corn dog teriyaki at Tokyo Garden? But maybe that’s because I’m so focused on whether I want man-du (or, gyoza as most people call it) or not. I always order the same thing at a teriyaki restaurant: spicy chicken teriyaki, teriyaki sauce on the side. Odd, I know, but I don’t really like teriyaki sauce. Too sweet and sticky for me. My favorite teriyaki restaurant has got to be Tokyo Garden on the Ave, they have great chicken and know how to make it spicy! Question of the day – What’s your favorite teriyaki restaurant?


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