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Being Vegan In Seattle

Hi everyone! Sorry my posts have been inconsistent lately. I tried to post up my St. Patrick’s day feast on Friday, but my phone wouldn’t upload the photos.  On Monday I was home sick, and yesterday WordPress wasn’t loading for me at all. Mostly though, it’s been hard cooking vegan. The bean soup and Irish stew both lasted me a week and I hate wasting food so I didn’t try anything else. Dan’s been making me some stirfrys with veggies, noodles and tofu, and I’ve been eating a lot of plain pasta and salad.

I know there are a lot of things I need to try, quinoa salad, some tofu bakes, meatless lasagna, but I haven’t been home enough to try them.  I just need to bite the bullet and start cooking! I have, however, been adventurous in eating out and trying to go vegan.  In Seattle, I’ve found most restaurants have a vegan alternative and animal products are not in all the goodies I thought they were. A lot of breads like sourdoughs and ciabattas require no butter or eggs, but watch out for some of the wheat – they’ll contain honey.

In the past two weeks I’ve been out a few times to try and eat vegan. I’ve also found some alternatives while trying to make Dan not suffer with me. Pagliacci Pizza has vegan dough and sauce, so feel free to order a veggie pizza or anything without meat and cheese! Their gelato is vegan as well, I definitely need to try this out!

Specialty’s ciabatta and focaccia breads are vegan. I had their vegetarian sandwich the other day minus the mayo, cheeses, italian vinaigrette and ranch dressing (to be honest, I would take off all the sauces normally, do you really need that much dressing on a sandwich? I’d rather not take the soggy bread and veggies), and ordered it on the ciabatta. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until i was almost done with my sandwich, they didn’t give me ciabatta, they gave me the normal herb bread. Epic fail on my part. They also have vegan salad that I ordered last week that was delicious.

Araya’s in the University District is a popular Thai vegan and vegetarian sandwich. I drove past it almost everyday in college, but I had never tried it until last week. They didn’t have my normal phad kee mao (aka drunken noodles) on the menu, so I thought I would try something new. I went with tofu todd gatiam which has fried tofu cooked with garlic and curry powder on a bed of garden vegetables (broccoli, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, bamboo shoots, fresh ginger). It was good, but I miss my phad kee mao with beef!

This past weekend I went to the all vegan cafe Flying Apron by my house in Fremont. I’ve been here a couple times and really liked it. I ordered the cauliflower and cashew salad, and Dan had an Indian curry pocket. Both were good, but the pocket was a bit dry if you didn’t dip it in the sauce that came with it. The owner has a book out, and I believe has been on Martha Stewart.

I spoke to a friend who’s Indian, and he said a lot of their food is vegan (minus my beloved tandoori chicken), so if I go to a restaurant, I can ask to have it made vegan. My friend Maddy is coming up from Portland tomorrow and we’re planning on going out for Indian. I guess I’ll have to try something that doesn’t include chicken or butter! There goes my hopes for naan.

In the Seattle Times today, there was an article on vegans. It actually featured a woman who started following me on Twitter the day I began my vegan adventure (Hi VeganScore!). It was nice being able to see her “in person,” rather than guessing who was behind the Twitter mask. I found out a lot in the article, such as Seattle (specifically the U-district) has the only all Vegan grocery store in Washington! I’m going to have to check this out soon. The article also mentions a Vegfest 2011 taking place at the Seattle Center this weekend. If my weekend wasn’t packed with bridal shower and taking my mom back home all day Sunday, I’d try and make it! I still might try and go Saturday. It’ll be interesting to see all that is out there.

Sorry for the long post, I know, everyone wants more pictures, less typing. So with that, I’ll leave you all with the outcome of my Irish Stew and soda bread from last week. I’m sure I’ll make the soda bread again so I’ll post up my recipe for that later.

Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day!


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Mamma mia!

Dan, the boyfriend, loves pizza and cheese more than anyone I know. The first month we were dating, I believe I ate more Pagliacci’s than a frat boy all through college. Sure it was mostly after drinking pizza eating (they deliver till midnight!), but who can say no to cheesy, basil-y, tomato-y goodness? We’ve definitely cut back our pizza in-take, but we still love eating Dan’s favorite food. After being inspired by “Skinny Italian” by Real Housewife of NJ, Teresa Guidice, we decided to make our own homemade pizza. We followed pizza dough instructions from the packet of  “pizza yeast,” and added our own toppings of sauce we made earlier in the week, mozzarella, tomato and basil. Here are some pictures of our pizza making adventures:


Kneadin' some dough!

Dan using his back-in-the-day pizza tossing skills

Over ready.

Carefully placing the pizza on the pizza stone...

Our dinner!

The pizza turned out ok. The dough didn’t cook through properly, but Dan was getting impatient and he didn’t want the toppings to burn. We’re going to try again tonight, this time we’re going to heat up the pizza stone well ahead of time so the pizza can cook evenly on the bottom as well. Who’s excited for a Wednesday night of cooking and cleaning for her broken boyfriend? This girl!

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